مطبق المطاعم


Sambousa Rolls

Dough Ingredients
2Glasses white flour
1Tea spoon Salt

½ Parcel Leeks
1big Tomato
2 Eggs
½ Tea spoon Salt

Method of Preparation

Pasty the dough ingredients together until you find it soft , leave it on side , then cut the stuffing ingredients into small pieces, and mix them with each other , divide the dough the into small balls , paint the place where you want to spread the dough with oil .
Put the stuffing in the middle (you can increase or decrease the stuffing as desire)
Cover the stuffing with sambousa rolls , apply the edges and cover it well, put it in the pan from the close side, and paint it with oil from the other side, roast it from both sides , then cut it into squares .. Serve it with lemon and hot sauce…

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