خبز ملاوي مغربي


1 Glass white Flour +3 Glasses Brown Flour
1 medium spoon Salt + 1 medium spoon instant Yeast
2 Table spoon from (butter + margarine + oil) + 2 Glasses water

Method of Preparation

Knead the both flour with the salt , and the yeast , with adding the water slowly , after that rub the pastry on soft surface , and divided into two balls , then mix the butter with the margarine ,and paint the surface that you going to stretch the paste on it ..
Stretch each ball and stretch it more with the hand so will make the length taller, then paint it with the oil, butter, margarine mixture, then close the edges on each other , and paint it again , and close it the same way like before, and stretch it from the middle then the edges so it will be taller, then start to twist it like scroll while painting every roll , and try to press by fingers before you roll it, and try to back forward the scroll shape so it will be taller, continue rolling until you reach the other end , and fix it on top, leave on the side ..And do the same for the others...
Now dip the first roll in the brown flour and try to press on it by your hand , start from the middle and circling movement until you reach the edge, and becomes more thinner , now fried it from both sides after it’s done press on it by hand so the inner layers will open ..Serve it hot with liquid cheese or with butter and honey...

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