كودو التوست المقلي


1 Pack fresh Toast (thick)
5 Eggs + 1 Glass Rusk

Chicken Plate fillet (4 pieces from breast and legs of the chicken)
Magi cub + 1 Tea spoon Salt
2 Onion sliced crunches
3 pieces paper sliced crunches
1 medium spoon Spices + ½ can Crème
2 Table spoon liquid Cheese

Method of Preparation

How to prepare the stuffing:
Boil the chicken in water with salt and the magi cub; add the mix spices (cinnamon + turmeric + cardamom + black pepper) for an hour,
In case you don’t use the boneless chicken remove the bone and the skin , then roast the onion with the paper until they got the gold color , then add the salt ,the spices, and the chicken , stir well , then add the rest of the stuffing ingredients ( crème + cheese ) , stir them for ten minutes , then remove it away from the oven .

How to prepare the toast:
Cut the toast slices by using a big circle cutter , then dip it in the egg , then in the Rusk , fried it until it becomes brownish , then cut each one into two , and open from the middle carefully by using the knife , stuffs each piece from the chicken stuff .. Then serve it...

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