ساندويش بيتزا سلامي


3 Glasses Flour
5 Table spoon Milk powder
1 Table spoon intent Yeast melt in ½ glass of water with 1poon sugar
2 Table spoon Oil
1 Glass Warm Water

Stuffing Ingredients
1 Kg Salami
Pizza sauce (any kind you like)
Onion chopped cubes + Green cold paper + Mushroom + Olives
Mozzarella cheese

Method of Preparation

In a big plastic ball put the warm water, the milk, the oil and the melted yeast , and stir well , then add the flour gradually , and knead them together, then remove the dough from the ball and swap it with little oil , round the dough , and add the back swap there surface with little oil , then cover it back , and leave it for an hour.
After yeasting ,round the dough into big balls around the size of the lemon then take one ball and outspread it , then add the pizza sauce on it , then add the all stuffing as layers , then cover the last layer with the dough , and cut it like circle …
Put the pizza sandwiches in the oven try, and roast it from up…and serve it…

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