Manaqeesh meat with zatar

مناقيش اللحم والزعتر


5Glasses flour + 1table spoon yeast + 1. Tea spoon salt
1table spoon sugar + 1glass olive oil +2glasses water

Zatar stuffing
1table spoon zatar
1table spoon sumac
1table spoon sesame
1table spoon olive oil

Meat stuffing
300g mince meat
1table spoon oil
Salt + spices
1/2glass water( put all the ingredients on the low heat on the oven until cooked

Method of Preparation

Knead all the dough ingredients together and leave it for leavening n warm place ,after it's leaven cut it into circles , spread each one , and put on each one the stuff, put in the oven at medium heat (160degress) , until it's cooked and serve it..

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