مقلوبة بالدجاج والخضار


1 Whole chicken
3 Glasses Rice
3 Glasses boiled water to boil the rice
3 pieces Potatoes medium size
3 Eggplant medium sizes
4 Pieces Carrot medium sizes
6 pieces Zucchini medium size
1 piece Pumpkin small size
3 pieces Green Onion
2 Garlic lube (as desire)
¼ rod Parsley
½ Lemons
4 Table spoon Tomato paste
2 Magi cubs
5 leafs Sweet Laurel (as desire)
1 Table spoon spices
2 Table spoons Salt
1 Tea spoon Pepper
1 Table spoon Fresh Ginger shredded (as desire)
2 Table spoons Margarine
Oil for deep fried
For Decoration: Lemon + Tomato + Parsley

Method of Preparation

First we prepare the vegetables( potatoes + eggplant + pumpkin + zucchini ) by washing them , and cut them into cubes, then deep fried them, then shred the carrot , and mince the parsley , and prepare the mixture by melting the tomato paste with the magi , and the lemon juice in a glass of water .
Remove the chicken skin, and cut it into small pieces.
Drench the rice in water from ( 30 -60 minuets) , then boil it on high heat in the first half hour, then decrees the fire on low and add to it spoon from the margarine , and salt, and leave it until the rice absorbed the water.
Then cut the green onion to small pieces, and roast it with the garlic, and use for that a pot with 30cm diameter and not too deep.
After that you add the chicken and the other flavors (salt + pepper + ginger + bay leaves + spices) and cover it
Then add the tomato mixture, and leave the chicken to absorbs the flavor, then remove the bay leaves
Later add the shredded carrot, and the fried vegetables, and the parsley to the chicken, stir well, cover it again, and leave it for few minuets
After that add the boiled rice on them , and leave it on low heat , then turn it up side down on the serving plate ( that suitable for the size of the pot) and be good to serve with it
Decorate it with lemon, parsley, and tomato slices.

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