أرز مندي بالدجاج


Whole Chicken cutes
1 Onion sliced
4 Glasses Rice + 8 Glasses Water + 5 Table spoon Oil
Grains Cardamom + 10 grains black Pepper + 3 rod cinnamon
2 Table spoon Salt + dash from Saffron
2 Table spoon Yogurt

Method of Preparation

Roast the onion then add the cardamom grains , the cinnamon , and the pepper , until the smell of the spices come out , then add the chicken , and roast it little , then add on it the water with salt , when it starts boiling add the yogurt , when the chicken is cook remove it fro the pot , spread grounded black pepper and little saffron , and grill it in the oil , add the rice to the water you boiled the chicken inside it , and leave it on high heat for ten mentis, then decrees the heat , add little saffron , stir well, then make hole inside the rice and put a flaming charcoal in coffee cup fill with oil , cover the pot quickly .. Then serve it

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