روفيلي باللحم


1+1/2 Glass Flour+ 2 Eggs
1 Table spoon olive oil + Salt

Mince Meat (cooked)

Sauce Ingredients
1 Glass Tomato crashed + 1 Garlic lobe + 2 Tab spoon Olive oil
1 Magi cube + ½ Glass Water

Method of Preparation

Knead all the pastry ingredients together, leave it for half an hour, then
Stretch the dough and put little from the stuffing and put another layer from the dough, and press the pasty with the cutter the shape you want…
After that boil the ravioli pieces in boiled water with little salt until its done ( 10 min), heat the live oil and add the garlic , the tomato, the magi cube, and the water , leave it on low heat , filter it from water and add it to the sauce and cook it with it for few minutes .. Serve it hot...

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