Apple pie with Creme

فطيرة التفاح بالقشطة


Dough Ingredients
1+1/2 Glass Flour
½ Glass iced Sugar + Butter bar
1 Egg + ¼ tea spoon Salt

Stuffing Ingredients
3 Green apples + 2 table spoons Sugar
½ tea spoon Cinnamon + 2 table spoons Water
2 table spoons Lemon juice + 1 can crème

Method of Preparation

Peel the apples , and cut them into small pieces, put them in small pot , and add to them the sugar , the water , the lemon , the cinnamon , and leave them on low heat , when the water is drained , take out , and smash it with the fork leave it on side to cool down , then mix the flour with the sugar , and the salt , then add the butter , mix all of them with your hand together until the butter is melt with them , then add the egg, and knead them well. Divide the dough into small balls , and outspread it in the cake mold , and make holes by using the fork , add around one spoon from the apples inside the mould , then add the crème on it.
Then outspread the rest of the dough between two plastic pieces then cut it into round shape to covet the pies, and you can make an open hole on the top to decorate the pie, then bake the pies in the low heat oven for half an hour
Roast it little from top... then serve it...

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