Home made Ice Cream

الآيسكريم البيتي


1+1/2 Glass Milk
¾ glass Sugar
3 table spoons gelatin melt in quarter glass of cold water
(2 Eggs Yolk (scrambled
1 Glass of whipping Crème
1 pack Whip Dream
1 tea spoon Salt
1 tea spoon Vanilla
2 table spoons Coco powder
2 table spoons grounded Pistachio
(Hershey sauce (strawberry + chocolate + caramel

Method of Preparation

Melt the sugar with salt , and the milk , then flow it slowly on the eggs yolk ( you beat it before) , and stir it well , put it on the low heat , stir it by wooden spoon or the hand nest paddle, until you feel start to be thick , and soft kind off, before it start boiling.
Melt the gelatin by adding it to the hot water on the oven , then add it to the above mixture, then add the vanilla , and leave it to cool down , and don’t let the gelatin frizzed, then add the whipping crème to the mixture
Divide the mixture into 3 sections in the ice trays, then mix in the mixer the coco with one of the sections.
The other section mix with it the pistachio and the third one keep it like it is (vanilla flavors).
Freeze the three sections in the freezer from 3-4 hours or for one night, then take out and again mix every mixture alone and return them back in the freezer for one hour before you serve it , then scoop from them and serve it…

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