(Date Sweet with Incense (Bakour

حلى معمول البخور


3packs from the Pakistani vermicelli
(1 can nestle consecrated Milk (397 g
7 pieces Oreo Biscuit grounded
(1+ ½ bar Butter (150g
3 table spoon butter beans jam
6 pieces Kerri or Marai Chesses

Method of Preparation

Flake the biscuit into small pieces, and then roast it in the butter until there color becomes gold.
Remove the cream from the biscuit, and ground them
In the mixer mix the (Kerri + peanuts butter + consecrated milk)
Add the mixture to the vermicelli, and mix it well.
Start rounding them, then roll them in the grounded Oreo biscuit, and put them in the refrigerator.
Put it in the refrigerator.
Serve the sweet with the incense in this marvels way.

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